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Monday, June 16, 2008

Top 5 Tips for a Successful Career in IT

There are several ways to attain career success in the IT industry. Whether you are in programming, web design, network planning, or computer maintenance and support, the following tips will you help you get where you want to go - faster!

1.) Be passionateIT is like any profession; if you love what you're doing then you are more likely to succeed. The job is hard enough without needing a motivation to get up in the morning! IT professionals do not command high salaries because their work is easy. Pressure, stress and challenge come from many sources. If you love what you do then you are more likely to be good at it. Passion and enthusiasm are always present in those who achieve career success.

2.) Manage your careerYou can no longer rely on your company to promote your career aspirations and security. This can have benefits. Decide where you want to be and take steps to make it happen. Take stock of where you are at in your career. How are you progressing? Managing your own security means knowing yourself. Regularly review your technical skills, your work environment and trends in the industry. Make a realistic career plan, which is flexible enough to cope with change, then execute it. If you don't, then who will?

3.) Be FlexibleA flexible working approach is highly desirable to IT employers. Embrace new technologies and faster ways of working and communicating. Don't be afraid to 'have a go' and even make a few mistakes. The wider the skill set and experience, the more valuable you become to employers when compared to colleagues with rigid agendas. Make yourself an answer to as many employer problems as you can. A solution to a problem is always attractive.

4.) Keep currentWe all know the pace of change in technology. If you do not keep your technical skills up-to-date, then you are effectively de-skilling yourself. Technology will pass you by. Employers' focus is often on the 'now', so don't rely on them to be looking out for your future. This is your industry too. Enjoy the challenge of new training - even if you have to finance it yourself.

5.) Develop Soft-skillsWe often ignore soft skills training, but those who excel at bringing their technical skills to the population usually achieve the greater success. In 9 cases out of 10, the person promoted may not have the best technical skills in the department. Those who excel are not only solid performers but also the best communicators, confident with customers as well as colleagues. They show leadership skills and business awareness and can understand how IT relates to profitability and communication. Don't forget - promotion boards are often staffed by non-technical personnel. Make yourself an all-round solution to a company problem and watch your managers appreciate your skills.

by Mike Walsh

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